Admiral Freebee

AFCDAF Admiral Freebee 2003 Cd Admiral Freebee

01.Get out of town
03.Rebound love
04.Ever present
05.There’s a road (Noorderlaan)
06.I got love
07.Mediterranean Sea
08.Admiral for president
09.Serenity now!
10.Einstein brain
12.Bad year for rock‘n’roll

€ 10.00
AFCDSO Admiral Freebee 2005 Cd Songs

01.The worst is yet to come
02.Lucky one
03.Recipe for disaster
04.Sad rebel
05.Boy yo never found
06.Oh darkness
07.Hope alone
08.Carry on
09.Waiting for nothing
10.Murder of the sun
12.Framing the agony
13.Baby’s chest

€ 10.00
AFCDWD Admiral Freebee 2007 Cd Wild Dreams of New Beginnings

01.Faithfull to the night
02.I’d much rather go out with the boys
03.Trying to get away
04.All through the night
05.Perfect town
06.Nobody knows you
07.Wild dreams of new beginnings
08.Devil in the details
09.Living for the weekend
10.Blue eyes
11.Coming of the knight (Ft. Emmylou Harris)

€ 10.00
AFCDHN Admiral Freebee 2010 Cd The Honey & The Knife

01.Blues From A Hypochondriac (Always Hoping For The Worst)
02.My Hippie Ain’t Hip
03.Look At What Love Has Done
04.Under My Secret Skin
05.The Longing Never Stops
06.Always On The Run (single)
07.Last Song About You
08.Fools Like Us
09.The Art Of Walking Away
10.Hymns For Demons/Home
11.Home (bonustrack)
12.Green Light Shines (bonustrack)

€ 10.00
AFCDWC Admiral Freebee 2011 Cd Wreck Collection

01.Rags‘n’Run (4’34“)
02.Oh Darkness (3’37“)
03.Living For The Weekend (2’58“)
04.Recipe For Disaster (3’30“)
05.Ever Present (4’37“)
06.Always On The Run (4’08“)
07.There’s A Road (Noorderlaan)(2’38“)
08.Last Song About You (3’30“)
09.Einstein Brain (2’46“)
10.Look At What Love Has Done (5’54“)
11.Faithful To The Night (3’05“)
12.Lucky One (4’12“)
13.Old Angel Midnight (3’43“)
14.Coming Of The Knight (3’40“)

€ 19.00